Fruit Products

Ningxia Dried Goji Berry
US $5,400.00-7,900.00 /Metric Ton
Canned Yellow Peach Halves In Syrup
US $6.00-20.00 /Carton
US $1.00-2.00 /Carton
2015 New Crop Dred Fruit Chinese
US $7.00-14.00 /Kilogram
Certified Organic Ningxia Goji Berry 160
US $15.00-22.00 /Kilogram
Dehydrated Jackfruit In Vietnam With FD
US $10.00-11.00 /Carton
Canned Fruit Mix Without Additives
US $5.00-7.00 /Carton
Top Quality Dried Goji Berries
US $5.00-12.00 /Kilogram
Hot Sale Fine Grade Desiccated Coconut
US $2,610.00-2,750.00 /Metric Ton
No Pigment No Essence Dried Mango
US $88.00-90.00 /Cartons
Grade A Fresh Apples
US $6.00-8.00 /Carton
Goji Berry Dryed World Best Selling
US $1,290.00-1,290.00 /Tons
High Quality Fresh Organic Dried Goji
US $16.00-18.00 /Kilogram
Fresh Apple Fruit For Sale Wholesale
US $70.00-100.00 /Ton
Canned Yellow Peach In Halves
US $9.00-10.00 /Carton
Goji Berries Red Goji Chinese Wolfberries
US $5.50-8.00 /Kilogram
Best Quality Sweet Water Fresh Tender
US $0.30-0.35 /Piece
Slices Pineapple In Can 30 Oz
US $12.50-15.50 /Carton
Vietnam Canned Pineapple In Light Syrup
US $12.00-18.00 /Carton
Thailand Fruits Canned MANGO DICE In
US $12.90-13.30 /Carton
Canned Mango Fruit Slices In Syrup
US $12.00-25.00 /Carton
Lemon Juice Powder 20L Of Lemon
US $4.50-6.00 /Kilogram
Mango Pulp Price
US $20.00-29.00 /Carton
Fresh Orange Navel
US $380.00-450.00 /Ton
Canned Fruits
US $12.00 /Carton
High Quality Golden Yellow Raisin
US $5.00-8.00 /Kilogram
Canned Lychee In Light Heavy Syrup
US $8.00-8.30 /Carton
Vietnam Canned Pineapple In Light Syrup
US $11.00-15.00 /Carton
High Quality Sweet Organic Kashmir Apple
US $15.00-25.00 /Ton
US $15.50-15.90 /Carton
Desiccated Coconut Fine
US $2.65-2.92 /Kilogram
100 Natural Premium Dried Mango Thailand
US $5.00-6.00 /Piece
Canned Pineapple Slice In Syrup From
US $0.80-3.50 /Piece
New Crop China Supplier Apple Fruit
US $1.00-20.00 /Carton
GMP Manufacturer 100 Natural Bulk Organic
US $3.80-8.50 /Kilogram
Matured Semi Husked Coconut Fresh Coconut
US $239.00-255.00 /Metric Ton
Mixed Fruits Jam
US $1.93-2.09 /Piece
Fresh Indian Semi Husked Coconut
US $267.00-350.00 /Ton
Cocoa Powder
US $1.72-1.91 /Pack

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