LH BOD601BOD measuring instrument

LH BOD601BOD Measuring Instrument
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Product Description

LH-BOD601 BOD tester, Biological Oxgyen Demand meter


Simple, safe and reliable mercury pressure sensing method (breathing) measuring water BOD,Fully simulate the natural biodegradation of organics,The manufacturing process design leading international,the industry's top function configuration, design of intelligent,The determination process of unattended, automatic record and print data,Goodbye to the mercury poisoning caused by the leakage of mercury column,Is a specially tailored Instrument Analysis Laboratory for water quality analysis BOD professional.


(1) The use of mercury free differential pressure sensing method (breathing) measurement of BOD in the water, safe and reliable, no mercury poisoning;

(2) At the same time can be measured in a sample of 6;

(3) No conversion, directly display BOD concentration values;
(4) Has a plurality of stirring mode (batch, continuous), prolong the service life of the instrument;
(5) The measuring range can be selected, the water concentration is lower than 4000g/L, no dilution;
(6) Automatic daily print data;
(7) To automatically save the measurement data power-off data list;
(8) To view the test process and the test data, non historical data;
(9) Determination instrument automatic recording data, recording data frequency can be adjusted automatically along with the culture period, the shortest time is 6min/, the length is 3h/ times;
(10) Automatic analysis and draw water determination data curve;

(11) Color liquid crystal display screen, the sample values with different colors, the real-time concentration and concentration curve shows at the same time, intuitive;

(12) The culture period can be adjusted according to the demand, can choose 1-30 days;

(13) Automatic temperature compensation, the sample temperature is higher or lower, tester can automatically delay, temperature until the sample reaches the culture box set temperature, to start measuring. Instrument delay time of up to 3.5 hours;

(14) The microprocessor control system tester, automatic measurement process, no personal care, tester will shut off automatically after measurement;

(15) Large storage space, can be stored for 20 years of historical data;

(16) Determination instrument data transmission by using USB/ infrared interface, directly transmitted to the computer, convenient and quick;

Technical Parameter

(01) Measuring Range: 0-4000mg/l

(02) Precision: ±10%
(03) Records of the results of frequency: 6 minutes --3 hours
(04) Measurement period: 1 days --30 days
(05) Measuring number: 6
(06) Culture bottle volume: 580ml
(07) Data storage: 20 years of historical data
(08) Communication interface:USB/Infrared
(09) Culture temperature: 20 ± 1 °C
(10) Power configuration: 110-230V 50-60HZ
(11) Rated power: 20W

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